About Us

Discover a unique approach to team building, leadership development, and enhancing your company‘s culture!

Improv4Companies is an interactive program for companies and organizations that uses purposeful play, experiential group exercises and improvisation techniques as tools for innovation, team building and leadership development. Each experience is designed to delightfully immerse participants in collaborative and mindful activities in a playful and safe environment that fosters teamwork and boosts confidence.

Our method is a hands-on, fun approach that will leave your group energized, laughing and highly engaged. It’s simple. We teach participants to get out of their own way, to reframe their relationships with their thoughts and ideas and to embrace their fears of making mistakes.

Our story

Some folks hear the word “Improv” and get a little scared. They think “I’m not funny” or “I’m not a performer”.

If you notice these fears popping up within you, just know that these thoughts are totally normal and chances are, also a strong indication that these PLAYshops are probably absolutely PERFECT for you.

The Improv4Companies’ community has a unique approach. We use games, fun exercises and improvisational techniques as personal and professional growth tools… as a way to change the way you think and show up in the world.

Think of it almost like a game night. A chance for adults to play. A place to tap into your inner child and be goofy again… all while developing amazing skills sets. Skill sets that are sustainable, applicable and extremely relevant to the workplace.

We play together as a group in a safe container that provides the tools and resources that help you think quicker on your feet, increase self confidence and overcome challenges. In fact, we encourage you to make mistakes and discover the joy in doing so.

Improv4Companies provides a delightful haven where we reconnect with our silliness and playfully push our limits in fun and humorous ways.

We work together to strengthen our abilities to think outside the box, communicate, listen, and most of all, TRUST ourselves!

Think of it like working out our well-being (to get in top notch playful shape) 🙂  

Our Team



Adam Rudder


Adam Rudder is a creative visionary and storyteller who has spent over 20 years in the film and music industries. During this time, he has partnered on ventures with some of the industry’s top executives, including both the former Director of Development at Marvel Studios and former CEO of LucasFilm, as well as serving as a founding member on multiple tech and content driven startups. In addition, Adam has served as a film producer, director and screenwriter for numerous projects ranging from feature films and national commercials to the emerging digital entertainment market for companies such as Disney and Google. He has worked with countless celebrities, professional athletes, social influencers and business executives.

As an award winning Improviser and Team-building Facilitator, Adam has been leading his original improv-based trainings for over seventeen years. In the process, Adam has assisted countless business professionals and teams make dynamic break-throughs in their careers. He continues to teach the improv art form to train teams and individuals to shift their mindsets and take quantum leaps in both their professional and personal lives. Through both his Improv4Companies and Improv Playground platforms, Adam has coached well over a thousand students, many who have seen success in TV, film and garnered immense followings on YouTube and social media platforms.


Lisa Wanzung

Director of Business Development

Graduating with honors in Communication from University of California Santa Barbara, Lisa began her career in the E-learning industry as a Multimedia Designer, but quickly shifted to Project Leader where she discovered her real passion for team collaboration. Here, she developed a nationwide program that focused on team morale and job satisfaction. The results were happy teams and state-of-the-art training products. After 10 years Lisa’s path took her away from team building and into marketing, but she always missed the spark she got helping people make their work lives a place they thrived. In 2017, this passion was re-ignited when stumbling upon an improv class that lead to countless personal and professional breakthroughs. She is extremely grateful to work with Improv4Companies and to be a part of bringing these techniques to others as a way to dramatically improve their lives and businesses.

Steve Soto Hedshot Mac

Steve Soto

Chief Technology Officer

Steven Soto, 54, was born in the heart of  Silicon Valley. During high school, Steve held a summer jobs high-tech firms learning the ins and outs of electronics manufacturing. Already familiar with electronics and assembly, his original introduction to computers was in 1978 when he purchased and assembled a Heathkit H8 computer based on the Intel 8080A processor. This was the start of a long love affair with computers. Beside his multiple business ventures, he participates in industry standards groups, has been on the board of several non-profits and mentors homeless teens. Steve is married with two children. He enjoys scuba diving, cooking, and travel, having been on every continent except Antarctica.


Abby Weiss

Team Enhancement Coordinator

A Chicago-native and Illinois Alum, Abby began her career as a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in San Diego, California where she worked in a multidisciplinary therapy clinic, in-home intervention, as well as with private clients seeking change in their voice, language and conversational skills. As a specialist in the area of language and communication, she felt it was essential that she continue to sharpen her ability to access different parts of her brain to communicate most effectively and create deeper connection with her clients and so she decided to enroll in one of the Improv4Companies’ workshops. After taking just one workshop, Abby was so blown away by the change in her thought process, confidence, and deeper listening skills with her clients that she decided to join the Improv4Companies’ team. She believes there is no better feeling than to be a part of a company that you are passionate about and have experienced first-hand growth in. She loves that improv mirrors real-life and is so excited to spread this invaluable work across the nation.

Nile Abasi

Director of Sales

Born and bred in San Diego, CA, Nile began his career in sales selling everything from shoes to loose leaf tea. Eventually he acquired a position doing wireless sales for Verizon. Within a year he was recognized as the top performing representative in San Diego, and within 3 years in wireless he found himself managing multiple stores and leading successful sales teams — eventually managing the highest volume store in San Diego. Within this time he realized his true passion of leading and operating successful teams, and decided to take on a year long ontological life coaching intensive and certification program known as Accomplishment Coaching to expand and narrow in on the specific skills he was truly inspired to pursue. After his training he was hired on directly as a leader and facilitator within Accomplishment Coaching while operating his own coaching business. It was around this time that he was introduced to Adam’s transformational work through improv, and took an opportunity to experience Adam’s work in depth. Having 5 years of experience within leading sales teams and personal development work, he was blown away at the impact and practicality of Adam’s training program. He found it a seamless integration of team building and personal development — in a fun, interactive and enjoyable way. He was immediately hooked — so much so that he decided to join the team and help expand it out to the world!


“Over the past two decades, I have learned so much about myself thru improvisation. In fact, the more I learn about myself, the more I learn about improv, and conversely, the more I learn about improv, the more I learn about myself. I see improvisation as a true reflection and mirror of life. Through the practice, we learn how we show up in the world. We see how we interact with others, how we communicate, how we are in relationships, how we are in the workplace, and what our habits and default patterns are. AND amazingly, we do this through playing, laughing and having fun! Seeing teams transform, often right before our eyes, makes what we do so worthwhile and extremely rewarding.”