What People Are Saying
"Adam Rudder thanks for the experience! It was great to use improv to explore ways to improve on our communication skills, team work, and seek opportunities to put yourself in uncomfortable situations."
Claude Jones
Sr. Director Software Engineering, at Walmart Labs
“This meeting was definitely life changing and fun at same time. Thank you again Adam Rudder!”
Tonya M. Dugan
Sr. Business Analyst / ScrumMaster at Covius
“Adam walked us through a great series of practical fun exercises that can be used with Agile teams and organizations. These practices helped us use techniques to build safety, stimulate thought and spark innovation on teams.”
Alicia R. McLain, MA, ACC
Agile Coaching Exchange
“I’m in awe over the feedback after this session. Adam Rudder's work is indeed life changing. I encourage you all to pursue this fresh curiosity with Improv4Companies and share it with your teams.”
Oksana O'Neill, MBA
Accelerate Time to Market | R&D and Tech Agile Strategist
“Thanks for today’s session. Well done. So many companies need this, especially tech companies.”
Armando Santana
Director, Project Management at Blast Motion Inc
“Adam opened my eyes to how Improv is such a useful tool on so many fronts and created a safe place for stepping one's toe into the Improv waters. Kudos!”
Christy Johnston
Scrum Master at Sharp HealthCare
“A big thanks to Adam Rudder for putting on an Improv Workshop for No Typical Moments to get us out of our heads and back into joy! It was very supportive for our team in these not so typical moments 😉 “
Andrew Gottlieb
Founder & CEO at No Typical Moments
“Adam is flexible, patient, responsive, willing to listen, and willing to learn from the students. At the same time, he clearly teaches the principles of improv performance, sets high expectations, and challenges the team to expand their skills and creativity, and they respond.”
Katherine Dahl
Parent Producer, Westview High School Theatre Company
“I love what you do. It's so rare to see a new idea today that blows my mind. You sir, are it!”
Nashal Mohan
Founder, Mohuman
“His trainings really helped me become comfortable speaking in front of others especially on the fly without having hours to prepare beforehand. The workshop also allow for you to get to know others in your group and build relationships. It was a great experience!”
Maria McGregor
Communications Specialist, Southern California Edison
“It’s a very nurturing experience here. You don’t feel like Oh-my-God, I’ve got to be as funny as I can. You just learn how to be natural; how to think, how to get out of your head. It’s a very comfortable surrounding.”
Dr. Jeffrey Pearson
Medical Director, Medicine-in-Motion / Family & Sports Medicine
“Appreciate you coming out and working your magic with our team. We all found the training you exposed us to be of high value and the teambuilding insights and learnings were priceless.”
Nigel Lobo
Chief Operating Officer, Grand Pacific Resorts
“He instantly makes his participants feel safe and yet creates an environment where you are comfortable and ready to take risks and dare get out of your comfort zone. This is when real change and growth takes place. Old behavior patterns are broken, creativity and out of the box thinking, once rare become the norm.”
Lolly Boroff
Broadway Actress and Director
“I have learned how to trust myself, feel more secure in my choices, and feel empowered to explore uncomfortable situations. He has a great way of connecting with his “students” and ensuring a positive and enriched experience. One of the best personal growth experiences I have had yet!”
Christy Tweedy
Social Services Coordinator, Supportive Living Services
“I have LOVED exploring new sides of my personality and unique self-expression with Adam. He is fun, articulate, and has a breadth and depth to his improv skills that comes easily across in all of his lessons and critiques. SO MUCH FUN!"
Camille Macres
Founder & CEO, RecipeRx.com
“I was nervous to try improv, but Adam immediately put me at ease. I found the workshop fun and very informative, and best of all I felt like a success at it. Thanks, Adam.”
Susan Hammons
Administrative Assistant
“Not only is Adam a master of the art of improvisation, he has the marvelous ability to put people at ease and create a safe environment where they can take chances and exceed their own expectations.”
Sheldon Penner
Computer Programmer
“I love Adam's improv workshops! Such a great way to practice thinking on your feet. And tons of fun!”
Ramy Hassan
Compliance Oversight Lead, Pfizer
“I believe Adam’s fun, fast paced, and humorous methodology breaks down any resistance to acquiring incredibly important life tools. Any organization that brings Adam in will experience increased productivity immediately.”
Neal Katz
CEO and Consultant to Fortune 100s
“The playful atmosphere allows for creative thinking skills to expand, opportunities to think outside the box, and listening skills to sharpen. Adam creates a safe workshop container, which builds trust, gives individuals opportunities to take chances, and allows the “group mind” to synchronize as one cohesive team. Adam Rudder’s Improvisational skills would enhance any professional development or corporate training program."
Rev. Ayanna Mojica
MFA, Teacher and Seminar Leader
“I have been part of at least 10 groups Adam has taught. If not for Adam's keen knowledge of our inherent human nature and kind nudges, I would never have reached so far beyond my comfort zone or know that it was possible to be where I am today.”
Michelle Puhek
Realtor, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
“Adam has a gift for teaching Improv. He is personally so quick witted, yet he also has excellent group facilitation and coaching skills. Adam's patient, yet fun and inspiring demeanor when combined with his skillful feedback enables him to provide fun transformation improv experiences for participants of all skill levels. Even the most nervous or hyper-cognitive beginners can experience encouraging breakthroughs in improvisation applicable to their real lives.”

Johnny Blackburn
MA Personal Development Coach
“There are times, especially with referral partners, when I lose that self confidence, and stumble with my words, because I've built up a mental block, so I won't even talk to them, and especially not ask for their business. It's those times, especially when I apply the skills I've learned through taking improv, that help me think quicker on my feet, to be a better listener and to be truly present. It also helps me break down mental barriers and feel more confident and secure with who I am.”
Victoria Schafer
Home Mortgage Consultant, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
“From the first workshop I took, it became apparent that the exercises fine tuned my interactions with people, providing exceptional customer service. I have learned so much from some of the principles of improv that I have now instilled some of my lessons to employees which I train in the retail environment. I personally believe that these principles can be applied to any business which utilizes customer service, team building, and networking.”
Angie Arndt
Owner, Sedona Candle Magic